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Buttercups grow well in USDA zones four- nine. The bright yellow buttercup is a member of a 500 species family of flowers in the genus Ranunculaceae. They have green leaves that appear to glow because their upper surface is smooth, and reflects the light. The extra glow of the plant’s leaves attracts pollinating insects and helps regulate the temperature of the buttercup’s reproductive parts.

The flowers produce large, bright yellow petals on cup-shaped flowers. They appear to glow due to the waxy texture of the five petals, caused by reflective cells on the petals’ surface.

Yellow blooming plants add vibrant color no matter where they are put

Buttercups tend to flower primarily in the spring, but can also bloom in the summer, too. Some species of buttercup, especially the water crowfoots (Batrachium), prefer growing in the water. Butterflies love buttercups. The larvae of the Hebrew Character and small angle shades Lepidoptera species use buttercups for food.

Daffodil -Narcissus pseudonarcissus

The cheery yellow daffodil grows best in zones three through nine. daffodils prefer a sunny location with well-drained soil. They need lots of water during their growing and blooming period and then can stay dry during the hot weather.

Yellow blooming plants are sometimes multi-colored

While daffodils come in many colors, the yellow color is most associated with the familiar concept of the flower. It remains one of the first flowers to bloom after a long winter. The flower of the daffodil has a distinctive cup or trumpet that stands out from the flower. This cup is called the corona. The trumpet may appear crenate or have a smooth or ruffled edge. The petals or perianth are oval and come to a sharp tapering point. They make a lovely halo effect around the flower’s corona.

They also come in solid yellow, yellow with a white cup, white with a yellow cup, and in other color varieties such as salmon, orange, red, and pink. The height of the mature daffodil varies from four to 20 inches in height.

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