Yellow Blooming Perennials

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Yellow Trillium is a rhizomatous herb with unbranched stems that grows close to the ground. Native to then southeaster US, it blooms in mid- to late-spring, producing twisted yellow petals with a lemon scent. In the wild it prefers mature deciduous forests as well as rocky stream banks. The Trillium produces no true stem. The "stem" is actually a subaerial extension of the rhizome rising above ground level. Trillium. goes dormant during the summer, during which time they propagate by division. Yellow Trillium is a prized ground cover, adapting well to shady areas.

Yellow Blooming Perennials like the Dandelion plant were used by Native Americans as medicine and food

Dandelion Plant is native to Eurasia and North America. The Native Americans used Dandelion not only as food but as medicine for their tribe. The reason the Dandelion Plant has its name is from the tooth looking leaves, and it is an edible plant. The leaf material can be eaten as a salad; the yellow flowers can be dried and used as a tea. It helps with digestive and even kidney problems. The roots of this plant can also is brewed into teas that help with constipation and also helps eliminate feeling sluggish during the day. The leaves and sources on this plants also help stabilize blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.e Yellow Iris.

Yellow Blooming Perennials produce cheerful and exciting yellow flowers

The flowers the Yellow Iris produces are especially lovely and cheerful. This plant is also an excellent choice if you have wildlife such as deer wandering throughout your yard, as it is resistant to this kind of damage. Another great thing about Yellow flag iris is that it is relatively low maintenance. It makes a lovely border plant or looks beautiful planted in clusters near patios, decks, and porches, and will perform well as long as moisture requirements are met. Yellow flag should not be planted along streams or ponds or lakes where it can spread into natural waterways and wetland areas.

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