Witherod Viburnum

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Witherod Viburnum - Viburnum Cassinoides

Witherod Viburnum is a medium to largely sized shrub grows from around five to more than eight feet tall, even as much as 15 feet tall and wide. Multistemmed arch into a full rounded shape. The large size and attractive shape make it a great option to use as a privacy hedge or as part of a hedge border. It has beautiful foliage, with oblong leaves with lightly serrated edges and pointed tips. Native to the United States, the shrub grows wild mostly in the Northeast and along the Gulf coast. It is a hardy plant and can be grown in zones between three and eight. This shrub requires plenty of moisture and is often found naturally near swamps or bogs. Partial sun is preferable, around four to six hours per day, but will tolerate full sunlight for six or more hours so long as it has sufficient water to compensate.

This plant grows at a slow to moderate rate, so it is not the best choice for rapid coverage.

The deciduous nature of the withered leaves it bare through the winter season but ensures bright, vibrant new growth in the early spring. The new leaf growth is followed by a show of white flowers with a not particularly unusual scent, which will often return for a second showing in the early to mid-fall before the temperatures become too cold and the leaves fall off. This is a resilient plant that is great for damp wooded areas with little concern of rot or infestation, as it is resistant to both. Care for the withered is simple, its soil needs to be slightly acidic and well-draining, but dense enough to retain moisture. It should be pruned after flowering to promote the best growth and shape. It is an excellent option for a bushy outdoor plant almost anywhere in the United States.

Witherod Viburnum