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Weeping Willow Trees

A weeping willow tree is an excellent choice for a fast-growing shade tree. It grows quickly and is hardy in a range of zones. Weeping willows love water and are often used to combat soil erosion along streams and ponds. A weeping willow would thrive if planted in a low-lying place that collects moisture. If your property does not have standing water, don’t worry! This versatile tree can be trained to withstand drought conditions. Their delicate leaves and textured bark provide visual beauty as you relax in the shade.

Willow Trees have small yellow flowers that are beneficial to bees and other insects

They provide beauty throughout the year with their delicate flowers in spring and their durable leaves late into fall. The trees produce small yellow flowers and attract beneficial insects and pollinators to your yard to fight pests without you lifting a finger. Willow is fast growing; some varieties can reach up to 10 feet a year, which is excellent for the owner looking for an established look in their property with a very little wait. The weeping willow brings beauty and grace everywhere it grows and is an excellent addition to increase your property’s value and appearance.

Willow Trees are unpredictable in height

Hybrid Willow Tree

Willow trees native to Northern hemisphere regions where climate ranges from cool to temperate are the fastest growing trees. Due to genetic recombination, the hybrid willow can grow anywhere from six to ten feet per year and can grow to a height of fifty to seventy feet at maturity. Aside from its beauty and fullness of the elongated leaves, hybrid willows are useful for style, privacy, and low maintenance. Pest control, disease, and temperature are not a problem or inconvenience for caretakers of the willow tree which is usually pest and disease resistant and can handle a variety of soil conditions and temperate zones. For privacy, the hybrid willow has height and beautiful green leaves in the summer and maintains thick branches to maintain privacy for windows or backyards in the winter.

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