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White Violet - Viola canadensis

White Violet, Viola canadensis, is a flowering plant scattered throughout the United States and Canada. Although its presence is widespread, this particular species of the genus White Violet is endangered in Illinois, Main, and New Jersey. Its hardiness planting zones are 4-8. These beautiful, versatile plants will thrive in both sunny and shady conditions and grow abundantly in woodland areas. As a perennial, it lives longer than two years and produces gorgeous blooms beginning in the spring. It is recommended to plant spring-blooming bulbs, like the White Violet, during the preceding fall. It reaches the mature height of 9-14" and the mature width of 12". While the White Violet is not picky, it has a preference for moist, loamy soil. Creative home landscape ideas to pursue may be to develop a complete bed or ground cover. The White Violet would also complement the sides of a pond or other body of water near home. Its appearance can be inferred from its name; the White Violet has dominantly white flowers. The five striking petals occasionally have purple, spreading lines on their fronts and backs. These heart-shaped, asymmetrical petals darken to a gentle yellow color at the base, forming a shallow bell shape. Various animals like birds and rabbits, enjoy that look and taste of the White Violet, so this addition would be a sure way to bring life to any landscape. A bonus that any seasoned planter will appreciate is that this is an incredibly low maintenance plant. Little needs to be done to maintain it, which is an excellent quality for such a beautiful flower to posses. Interestingly, the White Violet also boasts a variety of naturopathic remedies for ailments like the common cold by alleviating coughing. It also works to detoxify the blood when consumed.


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