White Blooming Perennials

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For elegance and charm that returns to your landscape year after year, white-blooming perennials are a perfect choice. Trilliums, doll eyes, and mayapples are three that do well in shady areas, providing gorgeous contrast between their white petals and their soft shades of green foliage. These beauties all grow well in Hardiness Zones 3-8 and thrive in rich, moist, well-drained soil.

Known for unique symmetry with three leaves, three sepals, and three petals, trillium (Trillium spp. and CVS.) is often called "trinity flower." Trillium's white blooms appear in early spring and are approximately three and a half inches wide. They develop a blush of pink as they age and are replaced by capsules that resemble berries. A woodland treasure that can require five years or more of growth before blooming, Trillium is worth the wait. Going dormant by late summer, it can be paired with ferns, hostas, or other green perennials that will prevent any bare spaces in your garden. Depending on the variety, trillium may reach heights of up to 18 inches. 

White Blooming Perennials Come in Several Varieties

Growing up to 30 inches tall, doll eyes (Actaea) bring novelty to the garden by late summer. Also known as baneberry, this perennial covers itself with soft, off-white blossoms in mid-spring that look like a bottle brush. In summer, small white fruits appear with a purplish-black "eye." Doll eyes are perfect for the edges of a woodland area and may not bloom until their second spring.

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Mayapple, (Podophyllum peltatum,) often grown for its beautiful foliage, has stems that are 12 to 18 inches tall topped with nodding leaves. Each flowering stem produces a single showy flower in spring. The bloom's appearance is similar to apple blossom. Two to three inches wide with waxy petals, the flower is short-lived and often hidden by the leaves. Mayapple goes dormant by mid-summer, so it can benefit from being planted with leafy green perennials that will fill space.

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