My Garden Zone Is

Ships answers questions like, "When will my plant's ship?"

We take great care to ensure that the plants you order arrive healthy and ready to be added to your landscape. However, the shipping process can be a shock to your plants. To help your plants thrive, we have established the following schedule to allow for successful delivery:

• Perennials ship year-round

• Live stakes and mosses ships year-round

• Trees ship in the dormant season

• Shrubs ships in dormant months

When you place your order, we consider the planting zone to which the plants will be shipped and adjust the fulfillment of your order according to related weather in your area. Perennials fern plants and mosses ships year-round because the items tend to be hardier.

Ships have the information you need on how and when plants ship.

Planting zones have been established according to the average climate in regions across the United States. Colder climates – typically in the north - are assigned lower zone numbers, and warmer climates – usually in the south – are assigned higher zone numbers. Our shipping calendar takes into consideration both the hottest and coldest weather in the zones. Additionally, in any extreme weather, we will adjust the ship date of your order.

Ships are very convenient and knowledgeable. 

Perennials ship year-round because they tend to be hardier in a wide range of climates. Live stakes and mosses ship year-round due to their hardiness as well.

Trees and shrubs need time to establish themselves in good weather. Due to the more delicate nature of their roots, trees ship in the dormant season - the coldest or hottest times of the year. Shrubs are often hardier than trees so that they can be shipped during a broader range of weather conditions, but we will take care to make sure that shrubs ship in dormant months only.

We appreciate your business and look forward to fulfilling your order as soon as possible. Please remember, perennials, fern plants, and mosses ship year-round so that you can enjoy them soon after your order.