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Wetland Plants Perfect For Our Zone
A variety of wetland plants are perfect for your zone. From tall and exotic bamboo to flowers with showy dazzling blossoms, there are many great choices.

Echinacea, crested iris, jewelweed, arrowhead plant, and false sunflower add beauty through vibrant color. These beautiful flowers are perennials or annuals that will reseed to return year after year. Wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds will be attracted to the colorful blooms. Milkweed with its pretty pink blossoms attract monarch butterflies, and wild ducks will feed on duck potato. Arrow arum is an easy-to-grow, tropical-looking plant. White flowers appear in late spring and later form seed pods with shiny green seeds that are most attractive. Including these plants in your wetland garden creates a serene and scenic oasis for a variety of wildlife.

Wetland Plants Shop My Zone thrive best in moist or wet places

Viburnum prunifolium (black haw) and smooth sumac are excellent choices for backdrops or ornamental showpieces, as they are shrubs with showy flowers. Viburnum prunifolium is a deciduous shrub that reaches up to 15 feet in height and is covered with colorful white flowers in spring that give way to bluish, edible berries in fall. Smooth sumac reaches up to 20 feet and boasts gorgeous foliage. In summer, these shrubs bear clusters of greenish-yellow flowers that later give way to bright red berries that stand erect in groups and provide bold color even through the winter season.

Wetland Plants Shop My Zone tend to be shade-loving plants

Black willow is a small to medium-sized tree that reaches heights of 30-60 feet. This tree is a beautiful ornamental wherever you want a fine-textured shade tree. Willows provide nectar and pollen to honeybees and browsing for deer.

Bamboo overgrows to create a beautiful backdrop in the wetland landscape. Tall and slender, the plants can reach heights of over 20 feet. It remains a lovely, soft green year-round, and will add character to your wetland space.

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