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Weigelia Shrubs

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Weigelia -- The Weigela varieties of shrubs are decorative, ornamental bushes that enhance any garden landscape. Placing this deciduous shrub within your garden adds not only beauty with the abundant flowers that appear in the spring, but with the foliage that can be as much of a decoration as the blooms. Reaching a height of about 4 feet will produce a round effect in each of the bushes, making them a perfect solo piece.

Weigelia Shrubs are great for attracting hummingbirds

Planting these abundant bloomers will add attraction to your garden for the visiting hummingbirds, giving an extra treat for the gardener. The long serrated leaves reach 2 to 6 inches making this bush beautiful long after the flowers have disappeared. Weigela bushes have a tendency to spread so when planting this ornamental variety remember to allow room to grow. A smaller bush that allows free-form growth or adapts to pruned hedge rows also. Weigelia grows best in zones five thru nine. Weigelia grows approximately 3 to 4 feet at full maturity and approximately 3 to 4 feet in width at full maturity. Weigelia grows best in full to partial sun.

Weigelia Shrubs are a beautiful accent to a home garden 

The Red Weigelia

Red Weigelia- The Red Weigelia will add that special something extra to any and all gardens or landscaped areas. Even merely just in your front or back yards, this shrub will add that something extra to your property. This plant is also known as Weigelia Florida will need to be planted in full sunlight for it to thrive and be happy truly. The beauty of this flower can also be enjoyed from early Summer up until you get your first frost. These lovely flower blooms will drape down and look like tiny little red bells. The dark red color mixed with the bright green, make this plant perfect for anyone looking to add yet another beautiful shrub to a there landscaped area or flower bed


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