Vines for Zone 6

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Botanical Latin Name: Vinca. 

Common Name: Periwinkle or Myrtle. 

Sun Exposure: Prefers sun but grows well in the shade. 

Hardiness Zones: Flowering Vines For Zone 6. A European species cultivated in North America, China, New Zealand, and South America. 

Mature Height: Up to 100 cm. 

Spread Low ground-covering vines. 

Spacing: Transplant to six inches apart for carpet effect in the garden. 

Growth Rate: Rapid growth, Considered an invasive species in some regions for the same reason, is used as a ground cover in many gardens. 

Flowering Time: From March to June. 

Flower Color: Light Purplish Blue, Pink, Red, and White. 

Vines for Zone 6 prefer dry soil.

Soil Requirements: Prefers dry soil. 

Pruning: Fast-growing and can be propagated by letting cuttings take root or separating at the root source. 

Vines for Zone 6 are considered poisonous but have great medical uses

Flower Form: A trailing, low creeping vine with glossy dark leaves. Flowers are light purplish-blue, red, or white. Usually, five petals form together in the shape of a tube or funnel. The fruit is in the form of a follicle. The plant is considered a poisonous herb with some medicinal uses.

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