Vines For Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is an absolutely beautiful state to visit or live in. It is also one of our top 5 buying states and as our way of saying thank you, we have set up this new category for our buyers in that area. Instead of having to look at several categories to find vines, we have listed all of the vines that will reach their full growth potential in this one category for Pennsylvania. Vines can be amazing plants to work with and are very hardy and easy to grow. There are flowering vines that are absolutely stunning when grown on a trellis or gazebo. Some vines are very fast growers and make remarkable ground covers in areas where soil erosion is an issue or where other plants will not grow. They can be planted in pots or hanging baskets and some will thrive indoors as well as outside in the garden. It is our hope that our Pennsylvania buyers will find this method of selecting vines more convenient and efficient since they are all in one place. All of the vines listed in this category will thrive in the climate zones in Pennsylvania. We will be working to improve this category and would appreciate any comments that would be helpful. These can be left in the remarks section at checkout. Again, we are so appreciative of our loyal buyers in the lovely state of Pennsylvania and look forward to working with you in the future.