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Vines For New York

My Garden Zone Is

Vines for New York are wonderful plants that can be used in many ways in the landscape or garden

Some make wonderful ground covers and they are absolutely striking when grown on a trellis, arbor or gazebo. Some can even be kept small enough to grow indoors. We have included in this section vines that will grow great in the climate zones of New York. Since New York is one of our company’s top buying states, we have created this category in order to cater to your needs as a way of saying thank you for all of the wonderful orders that your buyers send us.

Vines for New York is the key to finding the correct vines to grow in New York climates

Instead of having to look in different places on our website for plants that grow well in your area, you can simply look under the category for New York. All the plants that do well are in this category. As this is a new category, we ask that you leave us any comments in the remarks section when you check out letting us know how you like this method of shopping, if it is helpful and if you would like to more of a particular plant.

Vines for New York is our way of saying "Thank you"

Your remarks will help us to help you by improving this section. It is our desire to keep New York at the top of our buying list and we hope that this method will help our buyers in this great state.