Viburnum Shrubs

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Viburnum Shrubs can be grown as a shrub with multiple stems or as a single trunk tree. In spring, white, odorless flowers are produced displayed in flat-topped cymes. The flowers persist throughout the growing season and turn either greenish yellow or reddish purple in the fall. The fruit is ripe when bluish black. The leaves are elliptical and two to five inches long. Emergent leaves are light green and mature into a dark green color. Leaves change to bright red in the fall.

Viburnum Shrubs produce fruits favored by goats

The crown of the tree is usually a rounded or irregular shape, and the branches either grow upright or irregularly. The branch tips arch over, and the tree base is leggy with suckers typically growing around the base. The smaller shrubs can be used in borders, and the taller varieties are often used as a hedge or screen. Fruits are produced by Viburnum lentago and are often consumed by nanny goats, rather than billy goats giving the plant the common name of Nannyberry throughout the states.

Viburnum Shrubs present a beautiful fall foliage

Blackhaw Viburnum

Viburnum Shrubs is a small tree or deciduous shrub that provides a good fall color for gardens and food for the birds in winter. The plant grows beautiful white flowers and small little fruit that can be eaten or used in jams. The bark of the blackhaw viburnum has been used for medicinal purposes in the past since it contains salicin. The plant can grow from twelve to fifteen feet in height with a six to twelve feet spread. Sufficient water, well-drained soil, and full sun to part shade are ideal growing conditions for the blackhaw viburnum. The plant can tolerate drought conditions. The blackhaw viburnum makes for a wonderful tall hedge or a border for shrubs.


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