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 Trees Enhance A Property Well With Trees

Trees – Arboribus. Trees are tall  consisting of roots, trunks, and secondary branches, as well as leaves in the majority of species. Although trees are not a formal taxonomic group, the term is used for a range of tall, long-lived plants with woody trunks and bark. Most trees reproduce with seeds.

Trees provide shade and beauty to any yard or garden. When choosing trees for any residential landscape setting, it is essential to consider the area in which you wish to plant it and the growth rate of the tree. Some trees can take years to reach their full potential, while others have a faster growth rate. Here are some fast-growing trees that work well in most settings

Autumn Blaze Red Maple - The Autumn Blaze Red Maple Trees are perfect for anyone who loves the color and wants a fast growing tree

These trees have a vibrancy of reds and orange colors in Autumn and are a super fast growing tree with heights of 70+ feet at maturity. The autumn blaze maple tree is a family favorite.

River Birch Tree - River birch is a tree that overgrows and has showy bark that is pleasing to the eye. This tree can grow up to 35 feet in height and has an oval-shaped crown. It thrives in a variety of soils but likes moist to very wet ground best. River birch adds flair to any yard and is easy to grow.

Homeowners looking to add a fast-growing shade tree should look no farther than Shumard oak

Oddly enough this oak doesn't take a century to grow and become majestic. This deciduous tree can reach up to 80 feet in height at maturity and has a canopy full of dark green leaves. Shumard oak is tolerant of dry conditions and turns shades of red and orange during the fall months.

Sugar Maple Tree - Sugar Maple Trees are an excellent choice for yards that are rocky or sandy. It multiplies and is used primarily as a shade tree. The forever loved sugar maple tree is known for its perfection in shape and canopy full enough to shade an entire lawn as well as its bright yellow fall colors. This tree is a favorite among homeowners who want a shade tree because it does not produce a great deal of leaf litter or have root problems.