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Home and commercial property owners typically find an abundance of Southern red oak trees, maples, and yellow-popular on their grounds. Those and other native Tennessee trees are among the most prevalent in the state. Few would argue against the fact that native trees provide wonderful greenery.

But if you want to include other varieties of trees to round out the grounds, you will likely need to visit a TN nursey. One way to maximize your land’s potential is to consider adding trees that yield colorful blooms during spring, vibrant foliage in fall, and expansive shade to stay cool during the hot summer months. These are trees that can help make your property a multi-season delight.

Top TN Trees That Bloom During Spring

After the long Tennessee winter, residents are eager to see signs of restoration. Daffodil flowers usually raise the spirits that spring will be in full bloom in no time. But trees are equally important to a sense of revitalization. These are trees you can get from a plant nursery that bloom early and often.

  • Dogwoods: White dogwood trees are a perfect addition for large and modestly-sized front yards. They generally grow upwards of two feet each year before achieving a maximum height of approximately 25 feet. They enjoy direct sunlight and make a wonderful centerpiece in any front yard. Residents often strategically place flowering dogwoods away from other trees, plants, and flowers because they are incredibly eye-catching.
  • Tulip Poplar: Producing a subtle yellow and orange bloom, Tulip Poplar trees provide diverse landscape benefits. The flower cups give off a lovely fragrance, and they grow into a towering shade tree that reaches heights of up to 100 feet. Tulip Poplar tree leaves also turn yellow and orange in fall. Perhaps the only drawbacks to this species are that only mature trees bloom and the flower secretions can attract aphids.
  • Crepe Myrtle Trees: This variety offers red, purple, pink, and white gems that repeatedly flower for upwards of 120 days. Its maximum height is approximately 30 feet, and many consider it a large flowering shrubbery. These factors make it an ideal TN nursery choice for property line definition or an ornamental asset in finely-manicured greenscapes. It’s essential to employ proper pruning techniques to ensure Crepe Myrtle trees bloom consistently.

These rank among the more popular selections property owners select at our TN nursery for robust color. But a well-rounded property also includes exciting foliage and relaxing shade opportunities.

Top TN Trees For Summer Shade & Fall Foliage

When choosing shade trees at a plant nursery, there are a few boxes that require checking. These include height, width, and greenery thickness. The last category is all about deterring light penetrations. The trees best suited for this purpose are generally Weeping Willows, Sycamores, and the American Beech. One key to leisure shade enjoyment is to trim lower limbs to give you enough room to put a table, chair, and cooler underneath. Let the branches expand outwards as far as possible, as long as the tree demonstrates structural integrity.

Ranked among the most colorful fall foliage options are Red and Silver Maples, and Sassafras trees. One of the hot-trending accent trees worth considering is the Flame Leaf Sumac. It definitely gives property owners a different dimension.

If you are in the landscape planning stages or want to enhance your property with a new tree, our TN Nursery has a wide selection. We are always happy to answer any tree-related questions.

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