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The Many Advantages of Planting Shade Trees 

Planting shade trees is one of the best ways someone can combat rising summer heat. Shade trees, when properly placed, lower cooling costs for a home and provide cooler temps in summer for both the home and the surrounding yard. Not only that, but planting the right shade tree really completeles a landscape so that the trees look like a natural extension of the surrounding greenery rather than purposeful choices for absorbing heat and breaking up all of the sunlight beaming down on a home. 

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In addition to lower cooling costs and cooler temps in summer though, shade trees provide other benefits to those who choose to grow them. Trees provide clean, fresh air, which can be refreshing for homeowners. These trees also help stop water from evaporating off the lawn so quickly, which is a plus for those who want green grass as well as shade. Trees help keep the earth rooted, and it stops runoff. These trees also help stop water pollution, making sure that chemicals aren't washed into storm drains. In addition to being attractive additions to one's yard, shade trees provide a huge slew of additional benefits that make them well worth the time and effort it takes to plant and nurture them to a full crown of growth.

What Kinds of Shade Trees Can One Plant?

There are a huge variety of shade trees out there, and which one someone should plant depends on where they live and what sort of appearance the homeowner wants the trees to have. Red maple trees and sugar maple trees for instance grow tall and wide, providing plenty of shade during the warm months. They also drop a lot of leaves, which can be said for oak trees as well. There are a number of other shade trees, ranging from cypress and birch trees to maples, along with a variety of others.


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When it comes to shade trees, whether someone prefers red maple trees, sugar maple trees, oak trees, or another variety entirely it's important to get trees that grow fairly quickly, and which have a dense leaf pattern. Homeowners will have to trim the branches and make sure the trees grow in the proper direction so that they don't end up getting too close to any buildings. While the right tree may completeles a landscape, it can cause a lot of issues when grown in just the wrong spot.

What Are Five of the Fastest Growing Trees? 

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The empress tree paulownia is a native Chinese plant which is making inroads in the United States. The tree can grow to between 33 and 82 feet high and grows fast. However, the growth of the empress tree paulownia is minimal for the first year and it may take several years for it to attain the height needed. The silver maple is another fast growing tree. It grows between three and seven feet per year with a steady widening during that time. The fast growing time of the silver maple makes it an excellent choice for shading and is being considered for biofuel production. The leaves grow to be about five inches long on average and come in colors of silver and gray.The tulip poplar, otherwise known as the yellow poplar, is one of the largest trees in North America. It can grow to height of up to 190 feet with a trunk diameter of up to ten feet. The tulip poplar grows about 18 inches per year, but the fastest growth is during the first ten years. The growth rate of this tree and straightness of the trunk makes this an excellent source of hardwood.The red maple is a native tree of North America and reaches a height of sixty to ninety feet. The tree grows at an average of two feet per year after the first year. The red maple also can achieve a spread of up to 35 feet and the leaves have colors between red and orange. A downside the red maple is that the bark of the tree tends to be thin and can be easily damaged. A good tree for fast growth yard shading.The river birch tree, also known as the black birch, is a tree native to the Eastern United States. This tree can grow up to seventy feet tall and a spread of up to sixty feet. The river birch tree grows up to 3 feet in a single growing season. It also has the advantage of being resistant to boring insects and good for hot climates. These are some of the most common fast growing trees. Their growth can be limited by season and condition. It is a good idea, therefore, to research your local conditions before selecting a tree to plant.


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Large Trees Enhance a Landscape Fast When adding to a landscape the most desirable outcome is to enhance the overall look and mood. Many plants, trees, and other shrubbery take time to grow unless it is affordable to purchase and within means to move and transplant full grown. To achieve and enhance the appearance of the landscape there are easier ways to create a bolder look without spending much on extravagant plants. Large trees always enhance and accentuate the setting of the landscape. This effect can be accomplished quickly and affordably.

There are many fast growing trees to help enhance the setting of the landscape. Maple trees are a great option to use in your yard because for every season change your landscape will have a different look with the changing colors of this unique tree. Full grown maple trees are vast and full so when the leaves do change throughout the year it will be a very noticeable effect. From changing colors such as vivid orange, red, brown, and yellow the maple can be a stunning beauty for your yard. These trees can reach up to 20 feet tall in its most common species to add a robust and beautiful effect to the landscape. Oak trees are another easy and fast growing tree. Many times these trees grow on their own from a buried acorn and sprout fast. Oaks can get as large as 80 feet tall by 80 feet wide easily so when planning to use this tree be sure to utilize spacing as needed. These trees also exhibit fascinating fall colors and seasonal changes to enhance the look of the landscape throughout the year.


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Choosing large trees over smaller ones will give the landscape an edgy effect and feel. Trees that can heighten over the rest of the exterior will produce a bold, underlying enhancement for the rest of the shrubbery exhibited. The types of trees explained are fast growing trees to help achieve the desired look of the landscape in a short amount of time. Not only will the exterior be transformed quickly but by utilizing maple and oak trees, the landscape can be changed throughout every season giving your landscape a fresh appearance with vividly bright colors. The options are easy to grow and maintain and will bolden the setting no matter how many you choose to plant. Ensuring the spacing between trees will allow better growth and overall exhibition of the landscape quickly.

Evergreen trees are a great tree that will enhance any property. They stay green year round, and attract birds and other small wildlife. They not only are good for providing shade and lawn ornamentation, but serve as great property borders. Evergreen trees can also be less expensive than erecting a fence, and they do not harm the environment. 

One way to keep a yard private, establish a border, or keep children and pets in or out is by using a privet plant. Privet plants are the largest selling privacy hedge. They can grow from 12 to 15 feet tall, grow in any type of border, and require very little care. These hedges are not only great for privacy; they also add beauty and a formal touch to any property. 

Evergreen trees also make great living fences. There are benefits to using living fences. Living fences provide seclusion from neighbors, roads and other properties. They also can aide in noise reduction and block unsightly and unwanted views. Another great reason to use a living fence is that there are no municipal restrictions on the height of a tree, so they can be as tall as needed. The spruce pines, pine trees, the leyland cypress trees, and the white pine, are hardy trees that can withstand all types of weather and need little maintenance. These trees make great choices for a living fence. 

Natural borders are a beneficial addition to the property. A tall tree line can serve as a windbreaker, blocking the wind and weather from damaging homes, gardens, and possessions. 

There are factors to think about before planting a tree for beauty, privacy, hedges, or a wind barrier. First one needs to decide how much space is needed to be covered. The thickness and height of the barrier also needs to be considered. Life span, rate of growth and finally the amount of care needed are other factors to consider. When planting the trees, it is wise to plant two rows of trees spaced evenly with faster growing trees in the back. It is also important to plant trees at the same time to ensure uniform growth. Trimming and shaping will also keep a neat and even look. 

Whether choosing a nice spruce pine, white pine, or a privet plant, for privacy, a boundary or as a windbreaker, a living fence is an excellent idea. Not only does it serve a practical purpose , but is also can add to the beauty of nature.

Tips On How To Make Your Trees Fast Growing Trees are beautiful but it takes them a long time to grow to maturity. There are a lot of different ways to speed up this process and have healthy fast growing trees.

In order to jump start the growth of your tree, you will need to concentrate on root feeding. You should try to direct the water directly to the root. This is very important because the roots are the ones that need water and nutrients. There are several different ways you can use to aim your water straight onto the roots. One way is to use a 1 inch PVC pipe about 2 or 3 feet long. Then hammer the PVC pipe into the ground straight under the plants and not too close to the trunk leaving 1 or 2 inches of PVC pipe uncovered above ground. Fill the PVC pipe with water, and it goes directly to the roots of the tree.

You can also apply a drip line around the tree. This produces a slow dribble of water that will go through the soil better than a hose... By dropping the water flow, the soil will have time to absorb the water accurately to the roots. You have to leave the drip line on for a long period of time when watering.

Another way to get water down to the roots is by way of a root irrigation stake. The stakes attach directly to your hose you stick the other end in the ground as deep as the tree roots. When you turn on the water it sprays out the end of the stake under the ground.

For fast growing trees you need high potent fertilizer like Miracle grow, or try different types of Seaweed extract. Apply all fertilization through the PVC pipe, the drip irrigation system, or the irrigation stake. This will make sure it gets to the roots only. You should fertilize the tree roots every few months if you do this your tree will have bigger leaves, more foliage and faster growth.

Trees need care for the first three to five years. If the tree is a full-sun tree, plant it where it can get six hours of sunlight a day. Plant your tree in the correct kind of soil. Planting a tree in soil that is well-matched will help the nutrients absorb faster, giving you fast growing trees. Do not trim the shoots or branches from the trunk when the tree is young because they let the tree to grow faster they also provide shade for the trunk preventing disease. Pile dirt around the bottom of the tree, and then pile mulch on top of the dirt. This helps the tree mature faster.

Fertilize your tree based on the type of tree it is and the soil it needs. Have an s
Have a soil sample taken to see what kind of nutrients it will need. You should fertilize every two or three years.

The best way to manage weeds around your trees is to use a pre- developing herbicide. This will let the natural soil be exposed and will make any tree a fast growing tree.