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The Best Plants to Add to Your Landscape to Attract Butterflies

Flowers and butterflies go together. While this is true, there are some flowers that butterflies prefer to others. Finding out what these flowers are can help you create a butterfly oasis in your yard.

Keep in mind that butterflies are constantly searching for one thing – nectar. Because of this, you need to ensure you have plenty of nectar-producing plants and flowers planted in your yard. Would you mind keeping reading to learn some of the top types of flowers and plants to add to your yard and landscape to make it attractive to butterflies?

Butterfly Bush

The top plant to add to create a butterfly garden is the butterfly bush. This attracts all types of butterfly species. Every plant can provide nectar for hundreds of butterflies to feed at the same time. The long bloom time (when deadheaded) and bright colors make this the top plant to add to your garden.

Butterfly Weed or Butterfly Flower

With butterflies in the name, you can feel confident this is a great plant to add to your butterfly garden. The flowers produced by this plant offer nectar. The stems and leaves are also considered host plants for butterflies that are popular for the caterpillars. That is because they are filled with toxic white latex that will make the plants unappealing to predators.

If you want butterflies in your garden, you can’t ignore the importance of butterfly weeds. That is especially true if you want to provide an appealing government for the Monarch butterfly, which is endangered.


That is a perennial that you can plant almost anywhere in the U.S. to attract countless butterflies. Try adding some to your garden to see how many butterflies you can attract to space.


If you are not currently growing salvias, now is an excellent time to start. This plant comes in several colors, is drought tolerant, and provides a long bloom period. These plants are also appealing to hummingbirds, not just butterflies.


While any verbena is a good idea, you will have something appealing to an extensive array of butterfly species if you plant Brazilian verbena. Add them throughout your garden for the best results.

Black-Eyed Susan

That is another perennial that has a long blooming period in the summer months. It also has a pattern on the petals, which is invisible to humans, but attracts butterflies. That makes it another excellent option for your butterfly garden.


Most people are aware of the annual snapdragon. However, there is another option. These are the perennial snapdragons. These offer silvery foliage, pretty flowers and attract butterflies.

As you can see, there are more than a few plants you can add to your garden to begin attracting butterflies now. With these plants, you can enjoy a garden that is full of butterflies throughout the summer. Just be sure to learn how to care for these plants before planting them correctly.

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