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A vine is a plant defined by its long and slender stem which has a tendency to creep or trail along the ground or with the help of a supportive device. They are perfect when planted on steep hillsides or in places you can not maintain or garden in. They stop soil erosion, control weeds and make an excellent looking ground cover when planted anywhere.

Especially when properly cared for these plants can provide beauty for a variety of surroundings. They can also offer privacy and often produce vegetables or edible fruit.

Places for Vining Plants:

• Outdoors- Depending on your climate you may be able to enjoy perennial vines all year round or during the growing season. There are also many annual vines which produce vegetation that can be a great addition to any garden.

Garden- When growing climbing plants in a designated garden space it is important to provide support with either a cage, fence or trellis for the trailing plants.

Fence or Pergola- Many plants can also be trained to grow up on a fence or balcony, providing beauty and often an extra layer of privacy.
Patio or Balcony- Many plants can be grown easily on a deck, patio, or balcony.

You can arrange the pot to use the railing or outdoor area wall as support. You can also use small trellises or cages. Whether flowering or just greenery, climbing plants in any outdoor space can add a lot.

• Indoors- There are several types of house plants that will climb or trails if directed. A few examples include philodendrons, grape ivy, Swedish ivy, and Wandering Jews. You can guide the plants with a simple stick, small trellis, a shelf or other piece of furniture.

Types of Vining Plants and their Care:




Vining plants are very prolific. They require minimal attention but need specific care are to produce the flowers, fruit, or look that you want.

• Vegetable- Vegetables that climb or trail include cucumber, squash of all types, sweet peas, and green beans. In addition to the foliage and fruit, the bonus is the beautiful flowers that form before the edible part appears. These plants should be soaked thoroughly every few days, to produce the most food product. They should only be fertilized only twice during the growing season, a few days after planting and again halfway through the season. Too much plant food will result in an abundance of foliage, but little or poor quality vegetables.

• Floral- There are so many beautiful floral plants to choose from including both perennials and annuals. If your plants are in the ground against a fence or your house, a perennial may be the best choice. Some of the varieties include clematis, wisteria, and jasmine. Morning glories are annuals, but a beautiful addition to any yard or outdoor space. Take care not to over water or fertilize as with vegetable vines. You will also want to snip off dead or withering blossoms.

• Greenery- House plants add beauty and oxygen to your house or outdoor patio. In addition to the house plants mentioned above, there are great outdoor plants such as vinca and sweet potato vine. These should be watered thoroughly and allowed to dry out.

It is easy to add beauty and utility to your home or garden with these vine plants states Tammy with Tennessee Wholesale Nursery