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Gardeners who want to add clinging or climbing plants to their landscape should look no farther than the English Ivy plant. This plant is easy to grow and adheres to just about any surfaces such as brick, concrete, tree bark or wood. Below is an overview of English Ivy plant and how to successfully add it to any home garden or landscape setting.

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This lovely climbing plant dates back to 1727 when European colonists planted it as a ground cover because of its lush, green foliage. A member of the Araliaceae family, it is native to Russia and Europe and is now sold all over the United States as an ornamental, perennial vine.


English Ivy can be found growing in the eastern and western portions of the United States. It is typically found growing in habitats such as forests, edges of fields, cliffs, on hills and steep slopes.


English Ivy plant is an evergreen climbing vine. When vines are climbing, they can reach heights of 90 feet or more. If they are planted as ground cover, they typically grow between 6 and 8 inches in height. English Ivy is hardy from USDA planting zones 4 to 9.


The leaves of this perennial vine are waxy and dark green. They may have a leathery feel and have white colored veins running through them. Leaves may be 3 to 5 lobed or unloved. English Ivy typically flowers during the late summer or early fall, with each flower being small and light green or yellow. This plant also produces fruit that is usually dark purple or black.

Plants With A Similar Appearance

Several different plants are very similar to English Ivy in appearance such as:

Boston Ivy
Persian Ivy
Virginia Creeper
Irish Ivy

Indoor Growth

English Ivy plants can also be grown indoors in hanging baskets. While it is beautiful, English Ivy is also a useful tool for those who suffer from allergies because it reduces the amount of mold inside the home.

Home gardeners who are looking for a vine to climb on an outdoor trellis or fence should consider English Ivy. It also works well planted around outdoor patios or decks or as a ground cover plant. This perennial vine is easy to grow and adds a pop of lush, green color anywhere it is planted.