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Summer Perennials are an excellent option for gardeners who want to add blooms to their garden year after year

Choosing the right ones can help space out the sequence of flowers so that there is always something blooming in the garden. The key to keeping your garden full of beautiful blossoms all summer is to pick at least three different summer perennials, one that blooms in spring and early summer, one that blooms in the middle of the summer, and another that blooms through early fall.

Early Summer Blooms

Individual plants always come to mind when thinking of spring flowers, and lilies are certainly one of them. In spring and early summer, you can expect flowers like the Stella D'oro Daylily to give you beautiful golden blooms. The Stella D'oro Daylily is also capable of growing in hardiness zones 3 through 10, which makes them an excellent option for almost any gardener.

For folks who are in the market for blossoms that prefer a little shade and have good moist soil in the spring (think wooded areas) trillium is a great option as well. Although there are several different varieties, the flowers of the Red Trillium pack a punch.

Summer perennials vary as to what part of the summer they will bloom 

Mid Summer Blooming Plants 

Flowers that can handle the high heat of midsummer are champions in the garden. Try coneflowers (echinacea) or honeysuckle for drought-prone areas. If you tend to have a wetter summer, Bugleweed and Larkspur will thrive and give you lovely purple and blue flowers to adore.

Summer plants sometimes still have blooms in the fall

Late Summer Blooms

There are plenty of flowers out there that will keep blooming, some even into September depending on your region. Fall flowers like phlox, great blue lobelia, and Shasta daisies are all excellent fall flowers that add color to the garden. If you live in a climate that has a more extended summer, you might also find that some climbing vines like hummingbird vines (also known as trumpet vines) extend their blooms reasonably late into the year.

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