Square Landscape Boulder

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Square Landscape Boulder

Square landscape boulder - Landscape boulders can be divided into two types. One is a faux-stone material that is meant largely for decoration; these types are often hollow and can't be used as seats or retaining-wall materials. The other type is actual stone or stamped-concrete material that can be used for purposes that require tougher material.

Hollow boulders do serve an important purpose: They add visual interest and can separate plant beds. The stones should not be in areas where people could step on them and possibly break them open. Using these cheaper imitations can help save some money while landscaping more isolated areas of a garden.

Adding a solid square landscape boulder to your garden, however, allows you to hold back soil in beds and provide people with an extra place to sit. Square boulders can be stacked on top of each other in short piles; larger piles and large retaining walls using the boulders would need a mortar and additional drainage. Smaller square rocks make excellent bed edges, and medium-sized rocks work well as borders that allow you to set garden tools on a relatively dry surface.

Sealing is important for concrete boulders and those stones you don't want to be covered in mildew. The sealant keeps rain from soaking into the concrete and either helping mildew grow. If you live in an area prone to hard freezes, you need to keep water out because the water can freeze and expand, cracking the concrete open.

If you're planning to stack the boulders, ensure the ones you choose will form a stable pile. Because these boulders usually aren't perfect squares with completely flat sides, there is a risk of stacked boulders becoming unsteady. It is also possible to get very large boulders that could provide the height you need with less instability.

Square Landscape Boulder