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It needs little care, but in hot and humid climates, the plants need arranging so that air can circulate freely around them. If the ajuga plants become too crowded, they can divide in the spring or fall, and they should cut back when the flowers fade to highlight the beautiful foliage. When planting, put the plants 6 to 9 inches apart. Ajuga can tolerate the depredations of rabbits and deer and can plant near black walnut trees, which often poison other plants. It’s an ideal plant for those shady areas where few plants with pretty flowers will grow. Ajuga also beautifies slopes and banks and provides beautiful regions of color around shrubs and trees.

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Sweet Williams is a delightfully sweet smelling flower, perfect for ornamental flower gardens. The flowers grow in dense clusters at the top of the stem and contain up to 30 blossoms. Each flower has five serrated edged petals and expands to a diameter of about an inch. The flowers range in color from white, pink, red, and purple; coming in a variety of patterns. The beautiful smell and colorful petals will attract bees, birds, and butterflies. Sweet Williams is terrific for borders or rock gardens. They will thrive in slightly alkalizing soil with the sun to partial shade. Because of the height and smell of the flowers, it is perfect for floral arrangements.

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This plant is seen growing around woods and other moist areas. Doll Eye loves damp soil conditions but does not do good when soils are wet, so it needs to be in well-drained soils. Doll Eye will be great for a natural area. When in bloom will produce a berry like a bloom that will resemble an eye. The Doll's Eye is a very significantly looking plant because of the way it seems; it is like no other.

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