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Silvery Glad Fern - Deparia acrostichoides

Silvery Glad Fern meets all of the expectations that are commonly associated with a fern's foliage. Airy and symmetrical, elegant and deep-toned, the fern is reminiscent of the Victorian era, yet has enough pop to make it a contemporary garden specimen. The plant prefers shade and moisture but is highly adaptable to temperatures. It can be found growing in hardiness zones 3 through 7. Native to the Midwestern and Northeastern United States, the silvery glad fern is quite tolerant of cold conditions despite its exotic appearance.

Also known as a shield fern, the width and length of its fronds are spectacular. The plant's fronds boast lengths of up to 3 feet and widths of up to 1 foot. Each elaborate leaflet reaches up 6 inches in length, with a rough total of 22 leaflets per frond. Each leaf is uniform in appearance which results in a highly precise display. The silvery description might seem incorrect since the plant is olive green in color but during the hotter months the undersides of the plant take on a silver sheen. Silvery glad fern reaches heights up to 3 feet with an equal-sized spread. Though it can be placed in pots and urns, it is often planted directly in the soil. It prefers light soils amended with slightly decaying organic matter for both moisture and fertility. With enough humidity and care, the plant grows at an average pace.

This fern is a prolific understory planting with enough textural display to make it interesting but enough modesty to keep it from overshadowing bright annuals or upright and highly ornamental plants. Its preference for shade and moisture make it the perfect landscape plant for foundations and shade gardens. Areas under dense trees are often spots that are difficult to plant, but silvery glad fern will happily take root.


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