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White Althea

The White Althea is a lovely and appealing tree of compact size. Due to its natural beauty and small size, it is excellent for landscaping. With this tree, you will have one that contains green leaves along with flowers. The main feature that makes this tree among the more appealing ones is that it has white flowers that grow on it. These white flowers usually bloom during the spring season. With these white flowers, you will get ones that are very similar to a rose. As far as height is concerned, the tree can grow up to about 10 feet tall. It is also adaptable to some different environments and is therefore easy to grow.
When looking to plant this tree, it is best to plant it in areas that have some decent space available. These areas will include yards and gardens. This tree is ideal for planting in a front yard to help it stand out along with the home. Regarding sunlight, it can grow and live in the partial sunshine. This tree needs an adequate amount of water compared to most trees. With this tree, you will have one of the more appealing ones you can have grown in any environment.

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Virginia SweetShrubs

The Virginia Sweetshrub is one of the more appealing tree shrubs that you will find. With this tree shrub, you will find a plant that has green leaves and also grows flowers. The flowers of this plant are either yellow or red which bloom during the spring season. Therefore it provides a very nice and appealing feature to the tree shrub that contributes to its natural beauty. This tee shrub is quite compact as it only grows to about 6 feet tall. As a result, this tree shrub is ideal for yards and gardens. It can be planted in some climates so it will be easy to grow in any area that has quality soil. Regarding lifespan, it can live for well over 50 years.

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Due to its compact size, this tree shrub can be planted in many yards and gardens which makes it among the top trees for landscaping. The tree is also able to grow in shaded environments, so it doesn't need as much sunlight as other tree shrubs. With its long lifespan, it will be a staple in any yard or garden for some generations. Due to the many climate zones that it can be grown in, it will be easy to grow in some different environments.

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