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Shrubs Enhance Borders, Walkways & Sidewalks

Shrubs- Plants with woody bases less than 26 feet tall with many stems originating at or near the base are classified as shrubs. While most are perennials, a few are annuals. They are often valued for their quick growth. Examples include Boxwood (Buxus), Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia), and Gardenia (Gardenia augusta).

Shrubs make an attractive addition to any yard or garden

While many people think bushes are primarily green, many flowering varieties can add color and flair to your lawn. They are lovely in the spring when they come alive with color. Burning Bush-Burning bush is a large shrub and an excellent choice for beginning gardeners because it is easy to grow and does not require extensive maintenance. They are best known for its gorgeous shades of crimson. Burning bush works well in containers, flower beds, and borders. It thrives in just about any soil type and does not need extensive pruning to be attractive.

Shrubs that produce vibrant color

The forsythia is hardy, producing blooms of buttery yellow in early spring. Each flower is shaped like a little bell. Forsythia reaches 8 to 10 feet in height and has a spread of 10 to 12 feet when fully grown. It is an excellent choice for sunny parts of the yard, as it becomes best in full sun and partial shade. Forsythia has an upright growth pattern and a pretty rounded shape.

Flowering- -There is many flowering shrubs that make attractive additions to both residential and commercial landscape settings. Here are some of the most popular: Honeysuckle, Lilac, Dogwoods, and Hydrangea.Most flowering shrubs are relatively hardy and resistant to pests and diseases. They make attractive accent trees and work well as hedges, in flower beds or to line decks and driveways. Flowering shrubs produce lovely blooms during the spring. Home gardeners who want a fragrant variety should consider adding honeysuckle or lilac to their yard.