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Benefits of Shopping For Plants By Your Planting Zone

When you are getting ready to plant a garden or do some landscaping, it is best to shop for plants based on your planting zone area. Planting zones will tell you what areas the plants or trees will grow best in. When you are planting trees, shrubs, or plants that will be a year round part of your landscaping, you need to ensure that they will be able to survive in all seasons, temperatures, and average rainfall of your particular area.


There are certain areas in the country where a lot of rain falls and other areas that do not receive much for rain. The same differences exist with the temperatures of different areas. Some areas in the country has more of a mild temperature year round, and others have extreme swings in temperature with a great amount of heat in the summer months and cold in the winter. Plants need to be able to handle all of these differences in order to continue to survive year to year.


The planting zone map breaks the United States into different areas for planting.

It will show you the average minimum low temperature that a state or area will have. This is extremely important when planting any trees, shrubs, or plants. If the tree, shrub, or plant you are planning on planting is not able to withstand the coldest temperatures of the area, it will freeze and die.


Before purchasing any plants, trees, or shrubs, it is important to do your research to determine what kind of cold temperature they can handle. You will also want to know how much moisture or water your plant needs. Some plants need to have a great amount of water while others do better with very little rain. 


Before you begin purchasing the trees, shrubs, and plants for your landscaping, check the planting zone to ensure it will grow well and survive in your area.