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Planting Zones Are Areas Where Different Types Of Plants Work Well from Tn Nursery

You may not know that the plant you just bought isn't designed to grow in your region. If you can't get a flower to bloom or found that your new shrub died suddenly, the reason could be where you live.

The USDA breaks down North American into 11 distinct planting zones, each with its unique temperature and environmental factors that influence a plant's chances of survival. Certain types of plants are well-suited for each region. You may still tend plants that aren't the best match for your planting zone, but sticking to your area will help you find the right plants for your garden and give you the most excellent chance of success.

Planting Zones help determines what will grow best in your garden.

What types of plants are best for the East Coast? In the northeastern United States, stick to plants that can thrive year-round and withstand the multitude of wildlife and weather changes. Low-maintenance, native plants to the Northeast like a wild anemone, Carolina lupine, and Jacob's ladder are easy to grow and will give your garden a magical, forest-like quality.

Perfect Plants for the Midwest With hot summers, intense winters, and tricky soil, the Midwest can be a tough place to garden. For that reason, it's essential to stick to plants that are known for their durability. Ladybells, hummingbird mint, Oriental lilies, and various vegetables will make your Midwest garden a wonderful mix of tenacity and delicacy.

Planting Zones have been chosen for each plant based on research of their habitat and lifespan.

Best Plants for the Southwest The desert Southwest needs plants that can withstand the harshest weather conditions, so look for drought-tolerant species that can handle the climate and add a touch of beauty to the rugged landscape. Firecracker penstemon, Parry's agave, Texas Ranger, and many different cacti are well-suited for this area.

Use our Find Your Planting Zone tool to learn what types of plants are best for your region. Then, you can browse or bulbs by Zone, height, color, and season to discover the perfect fit for your garden.

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