Shining Sumac

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Shining Sumac (Rhus copallinum )

Shining Sumac (Rhus copallinum) also known as the Flameleaf Sumac and the Winged Sumac, is a considerable shrub that is also classified as a tree. It can grow up to a height of 35 feet when it reaches growth maturity. They are a native tree to North America, growing in places such as Chicago and all over Illinois. It has very dark green leaves until fall, where its leaves turn into a reddish purple color. Female Shining Sumacs produce yellowish green flowers that bloom into small, red hairy fruits in the fall months. These fruits attract wildlife that feeds off them. They usually grow with multiple trunks, but it can be trained to grow with just a single trunk, making them perfect for growing in areas like parking lots and apartment complexes. Shining Sumacs have an FDA hardiness zone ranging from 4 to 9 depending on the location. The soil required to grow a Shining Sumac is dry, well-drained soil. It can tolerate many different types such as clay, loam, sand, and acidic soil. They can withstand droughts and areas that have air pollution. They also require a lot of sunlight, at least 6 hours of full sunlight per day but can survive with partial shading throughout the day. Shining Sumacs need pruning as the tree gets more significant because the branches will droop over time. The bark on a Shining Sumac is thin and is easily damaged by mechanical tools, so special care is needed when tending to it. The tree multiplies, and after five years it averages a height of over 8 feet high. This makes it a perfect tree to use as a border around an area. Shining Sumacs tend to not suffer from any diseases but can be susceptible to mites.