Shade Ferns

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Buy Lovely Shade Ferns from TN Nursery to Add a Bit of Color to your Landscape 

Shade ferns love to grow near large trees or near the border of the woods. They do well without lots of care and are easy to maintain. Our ferns are mature and super hardy. 

Shade Ferns Are Great For Shady Areas

Ferns are a fantastic buy for shady areas where you want to add a bit of color and personality. If you're going to hang a few plants from the rafters, ferns are an attractive choice for the house, a darker room, or your covered porch. Also, remember that some ferns cannot tolerate any sunlight at all. Keep an open mind when shopping for ferns, and that will look great in the house or office.

1. Maidenhair Fern

The maidenhair fern looks just like the name sounds. These are some of the most delicate ferns with light blooms that seem to fall just like a maiden's hair. You could hang these ferns in any room where you do not have a lot of sunlight, or you could pick the shady parts of your deck that never get direct sunlight.

Shade Ferns can almost include any fern

2. New York Ferns

New York ferns have the long green fingers that you are often used to seeing on ferns. This plant will remain a vibrant green throughout the year, and it will always seem perky when you come through the room and see it hanging there. The New York fern is very stately, and it is a plant that you could keep in any place to make it look a bit more elegant.

3. The Christmas Fern

The Christmas fern looks just like its namesake. These are ferns that seem to be kissed by snow or frost, and they will work well in shady areas so that it looks as though they have turned white. However, these plants were always white, and they give you that wintry feeling you might like in the house.

4. Ostrich Ferns

Ostrich ferns stand up and open like an ostrich feather, and they will be an excellent addition to any garden that sits under a tree. These ferns almost seem alien, and they will be a unique talking point for anyone who comes by.



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