Sawtooth Oak

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Sawtooth Oak Tree - Quercus Acutissima

Sawtooth Oak Tree, or Quercus acutissima, is a native tree to the Himalayan mountain range and the majority of the continent of Asia. Due to its popularity, the Sawtooth Oak Tree can now be found in several other parts of the world including North America which it was first introduced into back in 1862. This particular species of Oak can grow to heights of over 50 ft to just under 100 ft. The trunk of the Sawtooth Oak Tree can grow as much as 5 ft in diameter and is dark grey. The uniquely shaped leaves for which the Sawtooth oak received its names from range from 3 to 5 inches long and about 1 and a half inches to 2 inches wide and have a strong resemblance to the teeth of a saw blade. The leaves are often mistaken for the similarly shaped leaves of chestnut trees. The wind pollinates the nonpedal producing flowers and produces acorns that reach slightly over 1 inch in length and a couple of centimeters wide. The acorns are orange-brown and take 1 and a half years to fully mature. The head, or cap, of the acorn, are covered in a green moss-like substance and reach about 1-3 of an inch in length. Sawtooths are considered to be a shade tree with their maximum width reaching anywhere from 40 ft to 60 ft. They are considered a medium to fast-growing species at just over 1 ft to 2 ft of growth per year. A minimum of six hours of daylight a day is recommended for the Sawtooth, however the more sun, the better. It is an easily transplanted species of oak and does well in some soil types including acidic soil, clay soil, moist soil, well-drained soil, and even sandy soil.

The Sawtooth Oak tree is a member of the Beech family. It makes an excellent shade tree for the backyard for your family and friends in warmer weather. In the forest, it provides food and shade for wildlife that lives there. This tree is from eastern Asia and was introduced to the United States during the 1920s. The tree is also known to have grown in China, Korea, and Japan.

The leaves of the Sawtooth Oak are four to eight inches long. They are shiny green in the summer and turn brown in the fall. They often stay on the tree most of the winter. The tree produces 1-inch acorns with caps as the fruit of the tree. The acorn takes 18 months to mature. Birds often eat the acorns. This medium sized tree grows quickly. The bark is dark gray with furrows. It is often planted in North America and Europe. This tree makes an excellent shade tree for homes, apartment building, condos or offices building. The perfect tree to put in a picnic or barbecue area.

The Sawtooth Oak Tree will grow up to 24” in a single year. They can reach a mature height of 40’-60’ tall. This shade tree grows in zones 5-9 in the full sun. They should be planted in acidic, moist well-drained clay and can tolerate drought conditions.

It gets its name from saw-like teeth along the edges of the leaves. The oblong leaves are 3.5”-7.5” long and change colors throughout the year. They open a brilliant yellow, then turn more golden in the spring. In the summer, they are a glossy dark green and become a golden brown in fall. The leaves tend to stay on the tree for most of the winter. The Sawtooth Oak Tree grows catkins in early April. They usually show up before leaves begin to open. This stunning tree will also grow acorns that measure about 1” in length.

Sawtooth Oak



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