Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes

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Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes also known as Cornus drummondii

Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes is also known by its Latin name of Cornus drummondii. It reaches a maturity of sixteen to twenty feet, and grows best in zones 4,5,6,7, and 8. The leaves are smooth with strong veins and grow up to 4 inches long. In the fall, the dark green leaves turn deep red which look brilliant in the afternoon sun. Landscapers love this tree because of its rapid growth, adaptability to less than perfect environments, and for its beauty. This plant prefers a well-drained to moist soil, but can tolerate very dry conditions and withstand cold and drought.

Roughleaf Dogwood Live Stakes is a deciduous, fast growing plant showcasing lush white blooms mid-spring to late summer.

It thrives in full sun and heavy shade, but produces hardier fruit and flowers the more sunlight it gets. The Rough - Leaf Dogwood is also not susceptible to pests that trouble other flowering dogwoods. Wildlife lovers will love this plant. From August to October, its berry-like fruit ripens providing food for wildlife. At least fifty species of birds like to feed from the fruit of this tree. The American goldfinch is a frequent visitor. Its flowers and fruit are known to attract birds, squirrels, butterflies, and most nectar sipping insects. Its butterfly friends include monarchs, black swallowtail, and California sister. If you have a moisture problem in your yard, this plant is great for erosion control. Also, if you have a space in the yard you would like to brighten up, this ornamental plant is ideal. Many homeowners use this tree near decks, and around the patios of their homes. It is also useful as a hedge. 

Roughleaf Dogwood Live stakes are a Wildlife lovers favorite plant.

This plant is tough and graceful and will add beauty to any property. In spring and fall you’ll have the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood.