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There are many reasons a natural habitat can suffer or be destroyed. There are compelling reasons why they should be restored or, even, created wherever possible. In this time of damaging climate change, nature can be our best ally, and following nature’s plans can yield the best results.

While any plant that can survive in an environment can do some good, the best plan is to bring back natural habitats by using restoration plants. As the name suggests, these plants will restore the habitat to the condition nature intended. There are local and state agencies that can provide information about the plants that are indigenous to the area being restored. They should also be able to help you plan the restoration. In addition to using indigenous restoration plants, you want to establish a balance that will work together to create a healthy environment that will provide sustenance to the insects, birds, and animals necessary to its survival.

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It's imperative the trees are able to survive all the extreme weather conditions of the local environment. There are several kinds of trees that can form the foundation of a habitat. One example is the environment associated with the long leaf pine. The encroachment of civilization and the menace of climate change have threatened what was once a thriving ecosystem. The environmental health of the planet is dependent on the restoration of these valuable natural habitats. Not only must vigorous trees be reintroduced to an area, but the environment must protect the healthy balance that will allow the trees to reproduce and, thus, provide for future maintenance.

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The trees and pine needles create an acidic environment which means the plants that will thrive must be able to grow under such circumstances. That’s why there are plants that grow in a long leaf pine forest that can’t be found in any other kind of environment on earth. Blackberries, barberries, and blueberries grow wild in long leaf pine forests as do a variety of ferns including maidenhair, lady, oak, and royal. You'll also find a variety of other plants including wild geranium, woodland sunflower, azalea, hosta, ivory sedge, sweet wood ruff, Jacob's ladder, heuchera, sweetbay, swamp cyrilla, and lily of the valley.

There are numerous benefits associated with the restoration of natural habitats. One of the most crucial has to do with the preservation of endangered species. Healthy wildlife habitats are essential if we're to save endangered animals. Each loss negatively impacts the natural diversity that's an invaluable component of the world’s vibrant ecosystem. Each natural habitat that's restored, especially those that are created around restoration plants, is a valuable part of saving the environment that's necessary to our survival.

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