Regal Privet Hedge

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Latin Name- Ligustrum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-9 Mature Height- 5-7 ft Width- 3-7 Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Using the Regal Privet Hedge in landscaping is an excellent chose 

Regal Privet Hedge knew as L. obtusifolium var. regelianum. When considering whether or not to get a Regal Privet Hedge, you should know about the advantages they provide in your garden around your household. Privets are known to be very common and are a shrub that grows incredibly fast. They can grow to about eighteen feet tall and have high popularity. There are many privets known as Chinese privet, Amur, Japanese, glossy, California, and Regal privets. When you are watering privet hedges, you should water them deeply so that the roots get soaked and the rest of it gets wet as well.

Caring for Regal Privet Hedge

Watering privets should occur during dry spells outside during spring, summer, and in the early days of the autumn. It is important to remember to feed the privets in early spring and autumn with 15-5-10 NPK fertilizer. The fertilizer should be placed on the bottom of the hedge at 7/10ths of a pound per 100 square feet of the shrub bed. The privets should be cut after being planted, and then shared so that any dead material is taken off which could halt further growth. It is essential to make sure that the branches can reach enough sunlight and are narrower on top than at the bottom of the plant as a whole.

Planting the Regal Privet Hedge around your area for privacy can give your property a look you are going for.

The privet hedge should be treated for pests, insects, and white flies because they might also have mites. There are certain chemicals that you can spray on your hedges to make sure that they do not get infected by any bugs. By taking special care of your plants, you can be sure that they will grow fully. You can give your property a border with your privet hedges and shape them to match your ideal taste. Planting these around your area for privacy can give your property a look you are going for.

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