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Daylilies (Hemerocallis) are a carefree summer flower that comes in a variety of bloom colors, including the always popular red. The plant will bloom from spring until fall, producing new, large blooms every day.
This perennial plant grows quickly and will live for many years under the right growing conditions. Daylilies are tough plants and will thrive in almost any soil type and will grow equally well in full sun or partial shade.
Daylilies are hardy in planting zones 4-9. The plant produces thin, arching foliage and will reach a mature height and width of 18-24 inches.
This red blooming perennial is a low maintenance plant and is ideal for planting in difficult landscape areas. Daylilies develop a dense root system that will help prevent erosion, making them an ideal flower to plant in a steep landscape area.
Daylilies are tall and slender, with the tendency to flop over when in full bloom. Blooms will be 3 1/2 inches across and consist of 3 petals and 3 sepals. A bloom will only last for one day.

Red blooming plants are often found accenting wetland areas

Cardinal Flower
The cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis L.) produces vibrant bright red blooms and grows best in wetland areas. It’s a native plant to marshlands and is a low maintenance perennial plant.
This native wildflower is hardy in planting zones 1-10. It’s a fast growing plant that will put on s showy display of red blooms from summer through fall. Hummingbirds and other pollinators are attracted to the tall spikes of nectar-rich blooms.
Cardinal flowers will reach a mature height of 4 feet. Each plant will produce a spike of red blooms that will open from the bottom of the spike to the top. Blooms are trumpet-shaped and will last for several days.
This perennial plant grows equally well in full sun or partial shade. Often used as a border plant for ponds, cardinal flowers need to be planted in soil that remains consistently damp.

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