Red Blooming Perennials

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Red Hibiscus adds bold interest to gardens with its vibrant color and summer and fall fragrant blooms. It does well in zones 4-9, but if kept indoors, the tropical plant can thrive in any zone. Red Hibiscus can grow between 3 and 8 feet tall and 3 to 5 feet in width. It’s a low maintenance plant, which makes it great for in or outdoors.

Red Blooming Perennials have stunning red blooms that are impossible to miss

Red Trilliums, when they flower, typically exhibit a range in color from brick red to dark burgundy. The Red Trillium grows with three leaves on the mature plant with three petals and three sepals sprouting from the middle of the flower. Both the leaves and the petals are triangular shaped with the broader part closest to the center of the flower. The leaves are bright green, and the flower is a beige color that looks almost white.   These beautiful Red Trillium plants are so gorgeous that they have invited many different names, such as the wake-robin and stinking Benjamin.

Red Blooming Perennials are usually ornamental plants

Red Daylilies are drought tolerant and able to grow in the hardest areas with little care. They will bloom the middle of summer, and since they are growing in clumps, these perennials can be divided and replanted to continue to enhance your garden. They thrive in full or part sun and appeal to butterflies and hummingbirds alike.

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