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Raspberry Plants

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Raspberry- genus Rubus
Many varieties of raspberry have their names. Rubus occidentalis is a North American raspberry. Rubus idaeus is the Eurasian raspberry. Raspberries come in a wide variety of kinds depending on whether you want certain colors, flavors, hybrids, or heirlooms. Raspberries can grow almost anywhere, but specific varieties favor specific zones (anywhere from zone 3 to zone 9). Check with your local gardening center for information on which work well in your area.

Raspberry Plants need plenty of water

Raspberries grow anywhere from 2 feet tall to four feet tall. They grow as canes, or woody stalks, that develop into stands of raspberries. Many of the plants grow up and then drape over, leaving fruit in a low hanging position which makes harvesting convenient. These plants have small, edged leaves and thorns. Some proliferate that they can overrun their designated area. Others take a year or two to establish themselves. Raspberries make a good boundary plant to provide privacy and security while offering delicious fruit as well.

Raspberry Plants are organic and delicious

Raspberries are a hardy plant with varieties that can adapt to wet conditions or extreme cold. They prefer partial to full sun, but not the harsher late afternoon sun. They also need protection from windy weather, so plant them on the lee side of a building or garden space to help them thrive. Raspberries need well-drained soil. The Ph should range between 5.5 and 6.5. Preparing the ground before planting will ease young plants into their new home and reduce shock. Loosen the soil and add fertilizers that will feed those hungry roots right away. Prepare the holes for the plants before bringing them home. They should be planted immediately. Keep the plants well watered after planting.
Raspberries attract wildlife. You can plant more than you need so that you have a chance to harvest some for yourself. Otherwise, cover the bushes with bird netting.


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