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Purple Coneflower - Echinacea purpurea

Purple Coneflower is a flowering plant native to the eastern part of North America. With purplish pink flowers and lush, dark green leaves, it makes a very attractive addition to any home garden. At full maturity, the plant can grow anywhere from two to five feet tall, and seeds only take 3-4 weeks to germinate. The Purple Coneflower is also highly adaptable. It can grow in full sunlight as well as light shade. While it prefers moist soil, it is very tolerant and can still grow in dry soil conditions. For this reason, it can withstand drought quite well. Also, it is resistant to humidity and high temperatures. Due to its many healing properties, the Purple Coneflower was widely used by Native Americans as an herbal medicine for multiple ailments. In modern times, it continues to be of value, as echinacea is a common ingredient in cough drops and many other cold medicines. It is believed that most parts of the flower are stimulating to the immune system. Although the plant's hardiness zones are listed as 3-8, it is capable of growing just about anywhere. Often used as a border in gardens, this beautiful flowering plant attracts butterflies and many different types of birds. It is not hard to see why the Purple Coneflower is one of the most popular plants among consumers. This particular species is a part of the sunflower family, as evidenced by the spiny, cone-shaped centers of the flower. The flowers themselves can grow as wide as 5 inches in diameter and are pollinated by both bees and butterflies. The vibrant purple petals add a gorgeous splash of color to one's yard or garden. Beautiful, resilient, and easy to grow, the Purple Coneflower is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add to their landscaping or home garden.


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