• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color Green
  • Bloom Season Spring
  • Usage Shade
  • Ships November Through April
  • Height At Maturity Over 20 Feet
  • Exposure Full Sun
  • Categories Trees
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Willow Oak Trees


$19.99 - $999.99


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Product Description

Do you need a tall tree that can bring your entire yard together? If so, then the Willow Oak tree might be the best addition. It is a tree that has been loved by countless Presidents, as it is a common sight in the urban environment of Washington, D.C.; however, the Willow Oak can also be found up and down the Eastern Seaboard. Its native habitat stretches from the deep south to the cold northeast. The Willow Oak is also found throughout the Midwest. If you decide to plant a Willow Oak in your yard, what can you do with it? The Willow Oak has a myriad of applications.

What Can You Do with a Healthy Willow Oak Tree?

There are several ways to put a Willow Oak to use. They include:

  • You can use the Willow Oak to keep the air in your backyard clean and pure. The Willow Oak is a versatile tree that grows well in urban and rural environments. You can use the Willow Oak to remove CO2 and toxins from the environment, replacing it with clean air.
  • You can also use the Willow Oak to support local wildlife. There are lots of animals that love to make their homes in and around the Willow Oak. They also like to feed on the acorns the Willow Oak produces.
  • The Willow Oak will make a colorful addition to your gorgeous landscape. It produces dark green leaves at the beginning of the year; however, these leaves turn red, orange, yellow, and brown later. The branches also get a dark red hue to them during the winter.
  • The Willow Oak can also make an excellent backdrop for your next party. The shade is excellent during the summer, and the branches can support a tire swing or hammock for relaxing! It can even make an excellent backdrop for your next card!

With countless ways to put a Willow Oak to use, it is easy to see why this tree is so loved.

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