• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Exposure Sun & Shade
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Categories Ground Covers
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Virginia Creeper

Ground Covers

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Product Description

Virginia Creeper is a Fast Growing, Woody Vine


Virginia Creeper is often mistaken for what most know to be eastern poison ivy. However, you should know that poison ivy has three leaves while this plant has five leaves. This woody vine will be fast-growing and classified as a perennial: Known as Boston Ivy or Japanese Ivy. It is called a creeper for its trailing nature and how it will climb or trail across your garden or when found in the wild. When the leaves on this vine begin to grow, they will have a red coloration, but as they mature, they will turn green. However, during the fall months, the leaves will be a breathtaking red color. It will bring much color throughout the many months of the year, making it a top choice for many gardeners and homeowners. They will also produce green flowers that appear in small groups and bloom during the spring months of the year and will follow the fruit that this plant produces. This fruit is blue, almost blackberry that will have about two or three seeds each. The berries look most like grapes in their appearance.

Virginia Creeper is Hardy and Durable and Looks Good Year-Round

This woody vine will use cup-like tips on its tendrils that act as an adhesive to attach itself to different structures and also uses this to spread and climb. It is a perfect vine to add to a rock garden or to a part of your yard or garden that might have a rocky landscape. This fern is vigorous and self-clinging. When it climbs or trails, will it have a firm grip on climbing or trailing on using the suckers on the tendrils? The leaves are gorgeous and will vary in color depending on the season. From greens in the spring and summer months to reds and yellows during the fall months, This vine is also very hardy and durable and will look great even during the year’s winter months. It can even survive temperatures down to fifteen degrees, and the autumn color will continue during these months. However, it will not do well in very harsh winters, so be careful if you live in areas with extreme winter weather conditions. Since this vine is fast-growing, it is perfect if you have massive walls, fences, or other large cities that you want to cover. It will add color to these areas throughout the year and will be deficient maintenance on your end. It also means that the vine needs controlling; since it can get out of control very quickly. Don’t let this vine grow under the eaves of your house, as this may cause structural damage. A downside to this vine is that it can leave a not-so-attractive appearance if you decide to remove it from any structure. When you pull the vine off of what it has climbed on, the suckers will remain on the structure. They will put a permanent mark on the structure and will do little for the beauty of it. It can change a garden and looks good all year long; This vine will do well in full sunlight and produce better autumn color on the leaves. The only pruning needed is to keep it to the size you desire; otherwise, it is unnecessary.

Virginia Creeper has five fingers or leaves that look like poison ivy, but it’s not poisonous. It seems similar to the Ivy plant but is not related. The flowers are tiny and green, which show in the spring months. This plant can grow well over fifty feet, and once it takes to hold, the roots are hard to stop. They can grow over 3-5 feet per year; they are fast growers. If this plant grows along the sides of the building, it can keep your home cooler.



Virginia creeper vine is native to North America. As with most grapes, they grow quickly and forcefully. Requires very little care but needs routine upkeep to prevent it from growing out of control. It adapts to most soil and light conditions. Keeping this vine can add a practically efficient landscaping option. Pruning is required for the perennial; A vibrant and colorful display in the fall is very striking. The green leaves have five points; Once temperatures begin to stay consistently cooler. The five dramatic crimson colors start to overtake the green. It can thrive in sunlight and shady areas, in places with soggy to dry soils, and in areas with slightly alkaline conditions. The ability of the plant to adapt allows for many options for plant sites. However, like most vines, it shouldn’t be placed too close to houses or buildings. The climbing nature of the vine could cause damage from the weight that may overwhelm wooden or vinyl structures. Planting several plants and tying them up will help train the vine to climb an area that may desire to be covered. Virginia creeper also an excellent alternative for ground cover. Due to the ease of care and resiliency, it is remarkable for beginners. Subtle green blooms appear from June to July. Flowers give way to highly toxic.

Round fruits add another exciting aspect to the vine and add interest. Birds will take pleasure in the fruits, but extreme caution is taken with kids. Leafhoppers, June bugs, and scale insects are kept at bay with insecticides. Ad water in prolonged dry spells. Even though it can stand by itself with very little support, yearly fertilizer and pruning will add to the splendor of the plant’s appearance. Without regular pruning, it can grow up to 90 feet long. Trimming doesn’t have to be perfect since the vine is remarkably resilient. Any items that appear to be diseased should also be trimmed away to prevent the spread.


The Virginia Creeper is a plant that has five-leafed ivory, also known as five fingers. Each leaf is a cluster of five petals. The color of this plant is a vibrant green. This flowering plant adds a great touch to landscaping. This plant is considered a climbing structure, and many people allow it to creep up the side of their house. This plant produces small flowers that are also green in color. They grow in small clusters in the late springtime.


This vine will also do well in a variety of soil conditions. It is mainly found growing in moist, but well-drained soil conditions but will even grow just as well in dry and sandy soils. Even though sunlight will bring more color, it can also tolerate shady areas of your garden or landscape as it is very versatile. It grows well for ones that live near the coast as it can endure salt conditions. This vine can grow anywhere from thirty to fifty feet long depending on the state surrounding it and will trail and climb anything it can. Some homeowners and gardeners even use this to help control and prevent erosion in their yards. If it is a problem in your landscape areas, this vine is especially a good choice. With its firm structure and fast-growing nature, it will prove to be a might adversary to the erosion problem in your yard. You can also use the Virginia Creeper to cover unsightly stumps or rocks in your yard. The vine will climb and trail over them, giving them a magical and medieval look. It will turn those everyday items in your yard into beautiful things to behold! If you have fences or trellises, you can also train this vine to climb these in whatever manner you want to add to the majestic feel of this particular vine. Not only will this prove to be useful in many ways in your landscape, but it will also be great for the local wildlife. Many birds and other small animals will find the berries this vine produces to be a source of food and nutrition and add to the tranquil feeling this vine brings to your garden. Imagine looking outside to see birds and squirrels enjoying the fruits but not harming the beauty of the plant? It is indeed a gardener’s dream. It will also provide shelter for these same animals, which are great for those animal lovers. This vine is indeed an excellent choice for your garden or landscape. It will provide fast growth, beauty all year long and be a haven and food source for many wildlife creatures in your area. Make this vine a part of your garden family.

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