• Zone 4,5,6,7,8,9,3
  • Exposure Full Shade,Sun & Shade
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Usage Flower Gardens & Beds
  • Categories Mosses
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Topiary Moss


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Product Description

Topiary Moss is Ideal for Topiaries 

Commonly known as topiary moss, sphagnum, or peat moss is a genus of moss encompassing nearly 380 different species. These moss plants feature branch fascicles clustered tightly together on the main stem. Individual plants comprise several spreading branches and several hanging branches, with younger branches located at the top of the plant. The stem leaves of these plants, which vary in shape depending on the specific species, comprise two types of cells. Chlorophyllous cells are small, green, living cells interspersed with large, clear, dead hyaline cells. The ability of these hyaline cells to retain water allows sphagnum moss to spread more readily to drier areas within a set framework and makes this plant ideal for the creation of topiaries.

Topiary Moss Requires No Weeding and is Low Maintenance

Topiary Moss, once established, requires no weeding and very little maintenance to grow. Topiary moss can grow just about anywhere and is often used for ornamental purposes. Simple designs can be applied using chicken wire or wooden cages and forms then covered with topiary moss. The topiary moss has shallow roots and can be watered merely using a squirt bottle or sponge-soaked piece. With topiary moss, the designs and pieces that you can make are endless. Some common uses are to form the different size balls used on either side of a walkway, animal shapes in parks, and decorative pieces around the yard.

This plant can tolerate many different soil conditions and easily adaptable. It has a long life and can withstand harsh winters to dry summers. The only upkeep this plant will need is if you would like to prune it or transplant this moss, you will need to water it until it is well established, and then it will be sturdy and stable. The topiary moss stays lush and green all year long. Topiary moss is commonly used as an ornamental piece.

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