• Height At Maturity Under 10 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Exposure Full Sun
  • Usage Deer Resistant,Ponds & Water Gardens
  • Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Categories Native Grasses
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Soft Stem Grass

Grass Plants

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Product Description

Soft Stem Bulrush is a Beautiful Large Colony Grower

Soft Stem Bulrush grows in large colonies, usually in ponds, marshes, and streams all through Florida. Blooms hang on to the top all year long. It makes terrific food for birds. It does grow naturally usually and can grow stems to 8 feet tall. Stems are spongy. It can spread 4-5 feet and typically grows in shallow waters.

Soft Stem Bulrush Prefers Full Sun

Plant in full sun and is best in zones three to eleven. The soft stem bulrush has small egg-shaped fruits that contain one seed; These plants grow in large clumps and clusters; They grow in large colonies together. They have many beneficial factors like making things out of them, being eaten for medicinal purposes, and others.

This grass can be around 5 feet tall and can be as complete as 8 feet. Soft Stem Bulrush will grow well in full and partial sun and do exceptionally well in very wet soil conditions. This grass would be beautiful when planted in a water garden or ponds. This was used to weave beautiful mats and bags by Native Americans. Roots can be food for Chippewa. Plant in full sun and is best in zones 3-11.

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