• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color Red
  • Bloom Season Summer
  • Usage Flowering,Drought Tolerant Plants
  • Ships November Through April
  • Height At Maturity Over 20 Feet
  • Exposure Full Sun
  • Categories Trees
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Red Crepe Myrtle


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Product Description

Red Crepe Myrtle require full sun

The crepe myrtle is a flowering tree with multiple tree trunks and beautiful colors, often planted in commercial and private settings. All crepe myrtles require the full sun, especially the red-flowered crepe myrtles. That is because cloudy weather or shade can cause some tree sections to lose their red flower color. The crepe myrtle is widely used in landscaping because of its beauty and its low maintenance.

As with other crepe myrtles, once established, they are drought-tolerant, but with extra water, they will grow larger and faster. Crepe myrtles don’t require fertilizers but will grow faster if properly applied. Also, you should not plant crepe myrtles too deep. The root system grows well along the surface or in well-aerated soil.

Typically crepe myrtles need little pruning when placed correctly in the garden. The best time to prune the crepe myrtle is after the leaves have fallen.

For low maintenance and overall best results, choose a selection where the ultimate size fits well in the selected garden. The red-flowered crape myrtle usually is available in any size.

Red Crepe Myrtle is a summer-flowering, deciduous tree

The Red Crepe Myrtle is a summer-flowering, deciduous tree. That is a famous southern tree due to its easy maintenance and tolerance to dry conditions that reach even 100 degrees. Its attractiveness is only further enhanced by its long flowering period through the summer. Large groups of brilliant red flowers appear early in the summer and continue their showy display well into the fall. After the flowers fall, brown seed pods remain, giving the tree winter interest as well. The bark also proves to be an exciting point in your garden. It peels away during the winter showing off beautiful grey and brown shades hidden underneath. These beauties are also popular hedge choices and, when planted in groups, can give you an exciting and stunning focal point or border year-round.


 Climate Zone: 6 to 10


 Mature Height: 10 to 20 feet


 Mature Width: 6 to 8 feet


 Sunlight: full sun


 Soil Conditions: moist and widely adaptable


 Botanical Name: ‘Lagerstroemia indica “Rubra”


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