• Bloom Color Red
  • Bloom Season Summer,Fall
  • Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Exposure Full Sun,Sun & Shade
  • Usage Flowering,Flower Gardens & Beds,Ponds & Water Gardens
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Red Cardinal Flower




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Product Description

Red Cardinal Flower is an American Favorite for Gardening and Landscaping

Known for its royal stature and bright red blooms, this American favorite adds dazzling color to any setting. Hardy from zones three through nine, Red Cardinal Flowers produces straight stalks that will grow to heights of two to four feet. Each stem features a one to a two-foot spread of alternating deep green leaves leading to a single crown of trumpet-shaped flowers that will bloom from the middle of summer to the start of fall. Insects find the trumpet shape of the blossoms challenging, but hummingbirds find it enchanting, making it an excellent choice to anchor a hummingbird garden.


Red Cardinal is an Excellent Choice to Create Borders or Natural Fencing by Adding Sophistication and Beauty 

They appreciate the warmth and perform best in the at least partial sun. Planting them about a foot apart will create the appearance of thick foliage while conserving moisture. These hardy flowers are tolerant of poor drainage, making them ideal for naturalizing spaces that are too wet for most other uses. A bank of these pest-resistant, low-maintenance plants set by a pond or bog will add striking visual appeal to the landscape. Although Red Cardinal Flowers are not true perennials, they function as such by consistently self-sowing in the same area, guaranteeing that tough-to-plant spaces will remain full and lovely.


Landscapers use scent-free Red Cardinal Flowers to create borders or natural fences that add vertical interest to walkways and entrances. Just a few hand-gathered stalks of these stunning flowers add sophisticated beauty to any entertainment setting. Whether destined to create legal drama or enhance countryside chic, Red Cardinal Flowers will continue to prove why they are every gardener’s delight.


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