• Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Exposure Full Sun,Full Shade,Sun & Shade
  • Bloom Color Purple/Lavender
  • Bloom Season Spring
  • Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Usage Flowering,Flower Gardens & Beds
  • Categories Perennials
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Purple Trillium


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Product Description

Purple Trillium a Unique Wildflower 

Purple Trillium — Trillium erectum. Purple Trillium, a wildflower belonging to the lily family, is often found on forest floors and other shade or minimal light areas. Purple Trillium is also commonly known by these names: Red Trillium, Stinking Benjamin, Purple Wakerobin, Beth Root, and Wet Dog Trillium. An unpleasant odor is responsible for the nicknames “Stinking Benjamin” and “Wet Dog Trillium. As the name suggests, the trillium features three diamond-shaped petals on its single flower that rises on a long stem above the ground. A whorl of three leaves sets off the flower just below the dark red petals. Mature plants reach between 10 and 18 inches high and can be found alone or in small groups. Flowers appear in spring, usually in April or May, and die back at the end of the summer. Once the flower has died, a single berry fruit will appear. Trillium seeds are spread by insects and mice, which eat the fruit and distribute the seeds through their droppings.

Purple Trillium petals have noticeable sections, surfaces, edges that tend to bend or twist upward.

The map of veins that run through the leaves differs in color and adds to the Purple Trillium’s vibrant nature. During the flowers’ offseason, they go dormant by late summer. However, during May, The Purple Trillium grows to its fullest outwardly rather than upwardly as many flowers do. In the process of growing into maturity, the dynamic color schemes are a sight to see. In growing within the foliage, the startling contrast of bright greenery and the purple, sunrise-colored flower is unique and sublime.

The magic of the Purple Trillium is in late spring, it bears three white bracts, but as it grows older, it takes on a purple shade.

The subtle shift in colors makes them attractive for a garden. Though oddly, purple trilliums prefer a more shaded area to a super sunny spot. When planting them in, it should be in pH-neutral soil and has good drainage. In a garden where the flower thrives, they begin to form clusters of beauty that continue to grow if tended to properly. Do not be afraid to combine them with other ferns or flower varieties in your garden. The rainbow of colors will be worth it as the spectacular array of blooms still speaks of the loud, purple trillium.

Purple Trillium does Excellent in Moist and Well-Drained Soils and Partial and Fully Shaded Conditions.

Trilliums grow best in shade or indirect sunlight. They require some sunlight for their first spring blooming, and they prefer ground that is not overly moist. Although hearty when grown alone, other invasive plants can crowd them out. Purple Trillium is Unique. Purple Trillium is a gorgeous plant and is a perennial so that it will grow back each year. Purple Trillium has also been called Stinking Benjamin and Wake Robin. It will have a beautiful bloom which will have three purple petals. The purple trillium has varicolored leaves. It attracts butterflies. Trillium erectum, PurpleTrillium does not have any insect problems; This plant needs daily watering. The Purple Trillium blooms during the spring months, and when it does bloom, it produces a deep, vibrant purplish-red color. The Purple Trillium plant is an excellent addition to any garden and would look fantastic with other flowers. They have a width spread of up to 18 inches. It has green stems and green leaves with a bright purple flower.

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