• Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Exposure Sun & Shade
  • Usage Ponds & Water Gardens,Deer Resistant
  • Bloom Season Summer
  • Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Categories Native Grasses
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Pennsylvanica Sedge

Grass Plants

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Product Description


Pennsylvania Sedge is a Beautiful Blooming Perennial

Pennsylvania Sedge is overall quite a natural plant to grow in your garden. It is a beautiful perennial that blooms in the late spring. The Pennsylvania Sedge produces soft and delicate evergreen leaves, and it also produces narrow, medium green leaves, staminate scales tinged with reddish-purple and white margin. The flowers usually are followed by tiny fruits; The Pennsylvania Sedge makes for excellent groundcover and underplanting for shade perennials. This is a great low-maintenance option if you want to add something extra without additional maintenance.


Pennsylvania Sedge Grows well on Slopes, Woody Areas, and Places of Shaded Wet Soiled Conditions.

Carex Pennsylvania will also produce small white flowers during May. This grass grows excellent in sandy soil conditions. Carex Pennsylvania or Pennsylvania Sedge grows well on slopes, woody areas, and places with a combination of both shade and wet soils. This plant does the best where Oak trees are growing. Something about the Oak trees complements the Pennsylvania Sedge. Birds and ducks can eat the seeds of this plant, and then they carry off the seeds, which will then drop, hide in the dirt and regrow, making other plants. Out of several different kinds of sedges, this one first blooms in the spring. It can adapt to various soils, including loamy, sandy, or acidic rich. Carex Pennsylvania is also known as Pennsylvania Sedge. Carex Pennsylvania grows in sandy soils and can be found growing around coastal areas. This grass is a fast grower; The leaves are skinny and narrow; Each stem can grow up to 2.5 cm long. They produce green foliage all year long until the cold hits them, and then they will die out.



The Carex Pennsylvania is a perennial sedge that enjoys the shade as well as light. It does not even adapt to wet soil that well; however, it has a tolerance for dry ground. Loose colonies are how it grows, with reddish-brown roots. Leaves are semi-green, while the sedge is low, arching, delicate, and soft. The leaves are also medium in size, which are narrow and short. Females flowers are below the male flowers on this particular plant that makes them monoecious. When these flowers open up in late spring, commonly in May, they do so at the top of rough, sharp culms triangular and inflorescence. Also, they rise from the rhizomes. Staminate scales have a green color. There are touches of reddish-purple having white margins on them. Dark brown to purple, black color is the pistillate scales. There are also white margins and green midribs; The female flowers follow small fruits; Perigynia are the sack-like bracts.

Although there are no insect or disease problems, smut, rust, and leaf spot are sometimes problems. This plant often can form grass turf that you do not need to mow for any more than 2 to 3 times a year. As long as there is no substantial foot traffic, this plant will flourish as it should. It is also resistant to deer grazing; Birds attract this plant; The Carex Pennsylvania also blends well with other plants. When the heat in Summer comes, this plant slows down on growth but perks up as it gets chilly in the fall. Even though Pennsylvania produces seeds, germinating is very rare. Plants such as this are suitable for bare patches where natural grass used to be in the yard and provide a border around other plants to make gardens look very nice.



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