• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color Yellow
  • Bloom Season Summer
  • Usage Flowering,Drought Tolerant Plants,Flower Gardens And Beds
  • Ships Year Round
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Exposure Full Sun
  • Categories Perennials
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Partridge Pea




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Product Description

Partridge Pea had many benefits for birds and animals.

Partridge Pea grows well in the wild and has many benefits to birds and animals. The plant belongs to the native groups of legumes and grows on riverbanks, sandy savannahs, woodlands, and forests. The plant is spread across the eastern part of the United States and generally performs well across the country. They bloom and yellow pelted flowers that shine bright. Partridge Pea is an essential plant with immense benefits to quails, bees, chickens, and wild birds.


 The plant grows to a mature height of between 12 to 26 inches tall with bright yellow flowers that bloom mid-summer to early spring. The plant is excellent in providing cover, and people always use it to control soil erosion. Also known as sleeping plants or sensitive fern, the plant performs well in USDA zones of 3 to 9. Partridge Pea is known to bloom for three months, with yellow flowers brightly visible until summer fall. For a successful and well-established plant, consider having a spreading space of about 15 centimeters for healthy growth. The plant is tolerant to the environment and performs well in well-drained soil with full sun. In addition, it will produce healthy seeds in a dry atmosphere with little moisture. 


Partridge Pea is an excellent addition to any garden.


 Farmers involved in bee farming can consider planting Partridge Pea because bees love feeding on its nectar. It’s one plant that doesn’t require much attention and will grow in the garden attracting wild birds that feed on its seeds while the bees buzz around for its nectar. The plant is also home to three species of butterflies that feed on its leaves. Farmers can also grow the plant on their farms because of its nitrogen-fixing capabilities in the soil.


 Partridge Pea is a beautiful plant because of its bright yellow flowers and the dark green foliage that creates an interesting pattern in the garden. The Partridge Pea stem changes from light-green when the plant is young and red and finally brown once the plant matures. Partridge Pea is a plant to behold and should be considered by any farmer willing to balance beauty and farming as it brings immense benefits to the farm.


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