• Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Ships Year Round
  • Exposure Sun & Shade,Full Sun,Full Shade
  • Bloom Season Summer
  • Bloom Color Blue
  • Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Usage Flowering,Flower Gardens & Beds
  • Categories Perennials
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Great Blue Lobelia




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Product Description

Great Blue Lobelia is a Stunning Flowering Perennial

This plant, also commonly referred to as the blue cardinal flower, is a perennial plant that grows in native habitats with damp soil such as wetlands, swamps, and riverbanks. The plant forms clumps which have two-lipped flowers that range in color from light to dark blue. The three lobes of the plant’s lower lip are more prominent than two nodes appearing on the plant’s upper lip. The flowers arise from the plant’s upper leaf axils and form dense clusters on top of the unbranched, leafy stalks. This plant typically grows between two and three feet tall and blooms in the late summer. The Blue Lobelia is nothing short of simply stunning. It does very well in window boxes and plant pots as well as in gardens. It typically will bloom beautiful violet blooms in the fall, spring, and summer. The Blue Lobelia is perfect for keeping soil erosion under control and can grow to a height of up to 12 inches. It is a low maintenance plant as well. The Blue Lobelia is one flowering plant that you will want to add to your garden.

Great Blue Lobelia is a Stand Out Landscaping Addition for Eye-Catching Garden Bed and Borders

Great Blue Lobelia flowers its best during the fall months when it is cooler. When the heat of the summer comes, prune your plant so it can bloom again. This beautiful plant has beautiful purple or blue flowers. This plant looks stunning in window boxes and as borders. The Lobelia Blue plant is native to the Eastern United States. This plant has a little flower that packs a vibrant punch of color; you will not find too many other flowers as intense and gorgeous as the blue color found on these flowers.


The Lobelia Blue is sure to stand out when you plant it in rows at the front of your garden bed and borders. Some varieties have a cascading like a flower that looks like a stunning sapphire waterfall spilling over flowering boxes and pots. This plant seems excellent used around mailboxes or in planters. Why not use this in your yard?

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