• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color White
  • Bloom Season Summer
  • Usage Flowering,Flower Gardens And Beds
  • Ships Year Round
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Exposure Sun And Shade
  • Categories Perennials
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Product Description

Goldenseal is popular with herbalists. 

Goldenseal is a plant with a history! It was also known as orange root and yellow puccoon. It was used by indigenous peoples in North America for thousands of years and remains popular with herbalists and natural healers today. You may have seen it in the woods nestled in deep shade. The name “goldenseal” comes from the rhizome’s yellow color and sap, traditionally used as a dye.


 In botanical terms, Hydrastis Canadensis L. is described as a forb: a broadleaf (non-grass, characterized by broad leaves rather than needles) herbaceous (never developing wood) perennial flowering plant. It has an underground rhizome system, sometimes referred to as a creeping rootstock, meaning that its stem grows horizontally underground and produces branching roots in the same way as iris. 


 Goldenseal is a pretty little plant with a distinct appearance that is unlikely to confuse any other plant. In the spring, dark green, slightly wrinkled, multi-lobed leaves appear on forked stems. The leaves usually span 3-12 inches. On the top leaves will appear a single small white flower without petals, eventually turning into a raspberry-like fruit later in the summer. Each fruit yields up to 30 black seeds. 


Goldenseal is hardy in zones 3 through 7


 Although the natural range of goldenseal extends from Quebec southward to Georgia and from the Atlantic coast to the Mississippi River basin, today, the plant is considered endangered in the wild. It is a naturally resistant plant with few pests or diseases in its ideal environment. The rhizome grows and spreads horizontally outward year after year. 


 Goldenseal is sure to be a unique addition to anyone’s garden! 




 Hardiness Zone: 3-7


 Mature Height: 8-15 inches


 Soil Preferences: Loamy, rich in organic matter, pH 5.5-6.5; add lime to increase growth if the soil is too acidic; responds well to top-dressing and mulching 


 Water: Moist but well-drained; does well on slopes and raised beds.


 Light: Partial to full shade


 Landscaping Environment: Understory


 Flowering Habit: Single white flower April-May, followed by red berry-like fruit in midsummer


 Growth Type: Perennial


 Propagation: Best results from rhizome pieces over ½ inch with attached roots and at least one bud


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