• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color Yellow,White
  • Bloom Season Spring
  • Usage Flower Gardens And Beds,Deer Resistant,Border Plants,Drought Tolerant Plants
  • Ships November Through April
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Exposure Full Sun,Sun And Shade
  • Categories Perennials
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Product Description

Daffodils – Hardy, Easy Growing Perennials

Daffodils are early spring-blooming perennials that return every year. They multiply, and unlike annuals, daffodil plants live for decades. They must be planted deep enough beneath the soil’s surface so winter temperatures won’t freeze these perennial bulbs. The blooms are yellow in color and super hardy in zones 3-9, which is a very hardy perennial plant. Daffodils work well in most soil also, and they multiply excellent. 


Top 5 Perennials For Starter Gardens 

You are starting your flower garden. What an exciting time! For beginners, you may have some questions. After all, you want your garden to be successful! Let’s go over a few lovely perennial choices that are sustainable and make an attractive addition to your flowerbeds.


Virginia Blue Bells


One fabulous thing about Virginia Blue Bells is that they thrive in shaded, moist environments.

They have a beautiful blue hue. They are trumpet-shaped and grow in clusters at the tips of the stalks. They flower in the spring, and the blooms last roughly three weeks in total. Butterflies most frequently pollinate them. If you are a butterfly lover, this is even more motivation to add them to your garden!




Day lily plants will add glorious color to your garden during midsummer. They start as bulbs and grow into stunning tall stalks with brilliant flowers; Daylilies are sun lovers and grow best in whole sun areas. A wonderful thing about day lily plants is their resilience. While they don’t like drought, they can survive it. But they often thrive in damp environments. They are poor maintenance. Due to their variety, you can find a day lily plant with the perfect height and color for your garden!




Coneflowers, or Echinacea, are excellent additions to any starter garden. They come in soft hues of whites, pinks, and oranges and grow on long stalks. It is a plant native to North America, making it very easy to maintain. These lovely blooms attract lots of wildlife, such as butterflies, bees, and even songbirds! They are also drought-resistant and can thrive very well in the heat.

Don’t be discouraged if you see no blooms in the first year, as they can take roughly two years to flower.


Dutchman’s Breeches


The Dutchman’s Breeches is a wonderfully unique plant. It has other names you may be familiar with, such as the bleeding heart or little blue staggers. These plants have long, curved and drooping blooms ranging from white to pink. It looks like a pair of hanging pants or a heart, hence the names for the plant. The base is very fern-like in appearance. They sprout in early spring; They thrive in rich soils and moist environments. They make a charming addition to any flower garden with their attractive color and shape.


Red Cardinal Flower


These deep red blooms flower in the late summer months. If you wanted a flower to attract hummingbirds, this is your go-to. They love them! These flowers do particularly well in very moist soils. To make sure they are as vivid and lovely as possible, water them thoroughly and frequently. It is best to not plant on overly saturated areas or embankments, as they have shallow roots and can wash out easily. Native to North America, the red cardinal flower will provide great beauty in the later months.


Plant Away!


As you can see, these five plants are great starts in any garden. They are durable and easy on the eyes. They also bloom in various seasons, so you are always sure to have some color in your garden! Happy planting!




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