• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color Purple/Lavender
  • Bloom Season Spring
  • Usage Flower Gardens And Beds,Flowering
  • Ships Year Round
  • Height At Maturity Under 3 Feet
  • Exposure Sun And Shade,Full Shade,Full Sun
  • Categories Ground Covers
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Creeping Myrtle

Ground Covers



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Product Description

Creeping Myrtle is a Trailing and Vined Sub Shrub

Creeping Myrtle – Vinca minor. This flowering plant species is a native of southern and central Europe as well as southwestern Asia. The plant is a trailing and vined subshrub that spreads across the ground and roots along its stems. This rooting forms clonal colonies. The plant always covers the ground rather than intertwining or climbing like other vines. There are evergreen leaves with a leathery texture with a glossy sheen. The plant’s flowers are solitary and produced in the early spring through the midsummer. Some flowers may produce at the beginning of autumn. The flowers are violet, pale purple, or sometimes white.

Creeping Myrtle is a Low Maintenance Ground Cover

Fast-growing, this plant will take root and spread over the area in no time. It has a lavender flower that contrasts nicely with the dark green leaves. The flower blooms in the spring and summer, making it a beautiful plant to blend with daisies and daffodils. There is little care involved with this plant. Just water it every few days, and make sure you keep the undergrowth cut out so that it looks healthy.

It is often used as ground cover and does not grow very high, or climb, although it can bunch together in places to reach over twelve inches in height. It is native to southern Europe but found in the Netherlands, Portugal, France, and across North America. Creeping Myrtle is distinguished by its purple, five-petal flower and waxy leaves; The fruit is two follicles, approximately one inch long; Each follicle produces over a dozen seeds. Creeping Myrtle would be a lovely addition to any landscape.

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