• Zone 3,4,5,6,7,8,9
  • Bloom Color Green
  • Bloom Season Spring
  • Usage Fastest Growing Trees,Drought Tolerant Plants
  • Ships November Through April
  • Height At Maturity Over 20 Feet
  • Exposure Sun And Shade
  • Categories Trees
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American Elm Tree


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Product Description

American Elm are admired for their stately beauty

Once, the American Elm lined street after street in the booming American cities of the 19th and 20th centuries. They were admired for their stately branches, beautiful colors, and adaptability to the most extreme range of soils, moisture, heat, and wind. The American Elm has a very distinctive leaf pattern. The leaves have double-toothed margins and are slightly off-center because the leaf is shorter than the other on one side of the center vein. During the warm, sunny summer months, the American Elm is a dark green color, which lightens to yellow during the fall. In the early spring, they grow small, inconspicuous green flowers followed by seeding. The American Elm keeps its seed in small oval samara dispersed by the wind in the springtime, starting when the tree is around fifteen years old. The seed cases are also a popular spring food for birds and squirrels. While initially native to the Eastern United States, the American Elm can be grown in 2A through 9B hardiness zones.

American Elm can live up to three hundred years

It has a moderately dense spread reaching 70 to 90 feet tall and around 50 to 70 feet wide. It has a symmetrical, vase-like shape and will increase, especially in its early years. The American Elm does well in sunny locations, which is one reason why cities used it to line sun-drenched boulevards, but they also do well in partial sun and partial shade. Its tolerance of clay, sand and loamy soils means it can be grown in several country regions. They are long-lived trees. Some specimens can live upwards of three hundred years. As it grows, it becomes a dark, ash gray with flat-topped ridges separated by diamond fissures. The outer bark frequently has a distinctive, alternating pattern of buff and red-colored patches.


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